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The Top Ten Worst Baby Names Ever

Posted on 03 Feb 2010 by BNG Staff polled over 1,000 people to this question. What would you consider the worst baby name ever?

10. Woody
9. OJ
8. Patsy
7. Bertha
6. Gladys
5. Prissy
4. Harry
3. Gaylord
2. Adolf
1. Dick

What name do you think should make our list?

Top 100 Baby Names of the Past Decade (2000-2009)

Posted on 31 Dec 2009 by BNG Staff

Baby Name Guide has compiled a list of the the top 100 baby names over the past 10 years. These names have been combined from two sources, our users and votes. Baby Name Guide researched through approximately 300,000 saved baby names from 37,000 users. BNG then filtered the top 100 names by including an additional 105,000 votes by our user's relatives and friends. The result is the top 100 baby names that include both female, male and unisex names.

Baby Naming Books

Posted on 23 Oct 2009 by BNG Staff

We put together some of the most popular baby naming books available for your convenience. This way you don't have to search yourself and spend valuable time trying to decide which books are the best. This is also a great way to search for baby names when a computer is not accessible.

We put together a list of 20 diverse baby naming books from Amazon. These books range from large lists to narrow lists, Irish to African American. Almost all these books are well priced. Please Enjoy! CLICK HERE

Columbus Day Sail on Baby Names!

Posted on 11 Oct 2009 by BNG Staff

If you love trivia like I do, then here's a few name ideas for babies born around Columbus Day. Did you know that Christopher Columbus was from Genoa, Italy, but sailed for Spain? His voyages were funded by “Isabella I” of Castile and “Ferdinand II” of Aragon.

The three ships that Columbus picked were the Santa Maria, the Santa Clara and the Pinta. The first, which Columbus sailed himself was called Santa Maria (or Saint Maria). The Santa Maria was named by Columbus for its fitting out location, El Puerto de Santa Maria. It was previously named La Gallega by it owner, Juan de la Cosa. The second ship, Santa Clara, was more commonly known by its nickname “Nina” meaning girl. The Nina was captained by Vincente Anes Pinzon. Finally, the Pinta meaning painted one was captained by Vincente's brother, Martin Alonso Pinzon.

Columbus made four voyages all together. The first one landing him and his crew on Hispaniola, the island of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Columbus died at the age of 55 of reactive Arthritis, believing that he reached the east coast of Asia, never realizing that he had discovered a new land.

Names associated with Columbus Day are...

Monsters vs. Aliens... Baby Names that are Scary

Posted on 05 Oct 2009 by BNG Staff

Halloween is almost upon us, so what's better than spooky baby names. OK, it's just for fun. I have to say, there are certain names that send chills through my bones. Many times these names are common, but when you say the names around Halloween, they take on a whole new meaning. An example would be "Jason". This name used any other time of the year would be very normal, not much thought would come to your mind. But during the last couple weeks of October, "Jason" has a different kind of impact. Who doesn't remember the movies, Friday the 13th based on the fictional character "Jason Voorhees". A few other names include Freddy, Chucky and Norman. Again, I don't think I have to tell you who comes to mind.

What monster names can you think of? The one that comes to my mind is "Medusa". This name can be found under our Mythology Category. This name means THREE. Medusa was a monster that had snakes for hair, and if you looked into her eyes you would turn to stone. Another name for me is Sulley. For some reason I can't seem to get past kids animated movies. Sulley was a monster from the movie, Monsters Inc.

Alien names are more difficult for me. I could say "Jar Jar Binks", but this character ruined Star Wars for me. What a dumb character. The only name that really sticks out to me is Clark Kent or Superman. Technically he's an alien. Clark means Clergyman and if you think about it, that's really close to Clark's personality (Not Superman's).

What do you consider scarier, Monsters or Aliens? If you can think of another Monster or Alien name that's better than mine, I would like to know.

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