Important Information You Should Know. @ 21 July 2007 04:17 PM

We use a technology that stores your "Favorites List" on our server, and with daily backups and constant monitoring you will always have access to your "Favorites List" from any computer and as long as you want. Create a list and keep it for all your pregnancies.

Five reasons our "Favorites List" feature is better.

(1.) You can go from one computer to another and never loose your "Favorites List".

(2.) You can optimize your computer or clean out your cache and never loose your "Favorites List".

(3.) You do not need Java enable in your browser to see your "Favorites List".

(4.) If your computer's hard drive goes bad, you will still have your "Favorites List".

(5.) If you spend time searching and adding names, rest assure that your list will never be deleted.

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