What are the top twin names for 2006? @ 24 August 2007 03:12 PM

Jacob and Joshua are the top twin boy names for 2006 according to the Social Security Administration. This comes as no surprise since Jacob is the top single boy name for 2006. Do you think you have an idea what the top twin girl names are?

Again, it comes as no surprise that the top twin girl names are Emma and Ella. Emma is ranked number two from the Social Security Administration's top 100 baby names for 2006.

But, what is surprising is that Emily (#1) and Abigail (#6) are ranked number 69 for twin girl names when paired together. And Emma and Jacob together for girl/boy twins are ranked number 91.

The biggest surprise is that Jacob (#1) and Emily (#1) does not show up at all when paired together in the SSA's top 100 twin baby names.

Who would have thought?

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