Unisex Names... What is the most popular name? @ 8 September 2007 07:12 PM

If you have ever wondered why certain names are given to both girls and boys then all you have to do is look at the origin of that name.  In most cases the origin is different between genders.  So even though the name is spelled the same, its place of birth is different.


Take the name Terry for instance, the boy name Terry means “Smooth” and its origin is Latin. The female version of Terry means “Harvester” and its origin is Greek.  A very common spelling for the female version of Terry is Terri and it too means “Harvester”.


Why are some names considered OK to be unisex names and others not?  This has more to do with our history and heritage than anything.


Now you may be wondering, what is the most popular unisex baby name? That would be “JORDAN”.

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