Columbus Day Sail on Baby Names! @ 11 October 2009 09:50 PM

If you love trivia like I do, then here's a few name ideas for babies born around Columbus Day. Did you know that Christopher Columbus was from Genoa, Italy, but sailed for Spain? His voyages were funded by “Isabella I” of Castile and “Ferdinand II” of Aragon.

The three ships that Columbus picked were the Santa Maria, the Santa Clara and the Pinta. The first, which Columbus sailed himself was called Santa Maria (or Saint Maria). The Santa Maria was named by Columbus for its fitting out location, El Puerto de Santa Maria. It was previously named La Gallega by it owner, Juan de la Cosa. The second ship, Santa Clara, was more commonly known by its nickname “Nina” meaning girl. The Nina was captained by Vincente Anes Pinzon. Finally, the Pinta meaning painted one was captained by Vincente's brother, Martin Alonso Pinzon.

Columbus made four voyages all together. The first one landing him and his crew on Hispaniola, the island of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Columbus died at the age of 55 of reactive Arthritis, believing that he reached the east coast of Asia, never realizing that he had discovered a new land.

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