There's No Wrong Answer When Picking a Baby Name that You Like. @ 11 February 2010 08:27 AM

Many websites give you direction on how to choose a good baby name. Hey, even this website ( has many helpful ideas on choosing a baby name. These tips can be useful tools, but you can never go wrong with your gut feeling. Most people will start with a list of baby names that they like. How people get that list may be different. Some will jot down choices from people they've known or from places they've been, while others will purchase books or visit websites. After all the research, it doesn't come down to rhythm, syllables, spelling or pronunciation. I comes down to you and you alone. It ends up being your choice and only yours.

My wife and I chose our kid's names, and we think we did a very nice job. Did we get help from books, websites and other resources? Of course we did. But after all the research, we came up with three perfect names; Brooke, Alexander and Daniel.

My wife and I chose Brooke because we always liked the name. We were stuck between Brooke and Lauren for the longest time. If we had another girl, Lauren would have been chosen. But for our first child, the name Brooke was perfect.

Our second child's name Alexander was a little more difficult for us. It took nearly the full 9 months for us to choose Alexander. It came down to the letter “x” in the name. You see, my middle name is Max and it was already predetermined that Max was going to be our first son's middle name. We liked the idea that both Alexander and Max both have an “x”. We thought that was rare and it made our first son's name unique.

We chose Daniel as the name for our third child. Or I should say, my daughter chose the name. For me it was a good choice because my two best friends growing up were both named Daniel. My wife liked the name because no one on either side of the family was named Daniel. Brooke actually did a great job helping us choose the name. Daniel fits our third child perfectly. He seems like he's a Daniel.

I know for the next 9 months you will be deciding on the right baby name for your new child. Your road my take you a different way. Just make sure it's your way.

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