Potty Training 101 (Lessons Learned) @ 11 April 2010 03:04 AM

Being a father of three children, I thought I knew everything about Potty Training. I was experienced because I had done this battle with two of my kids already. Then my wife and I had Daniel. Wow!

If anyone tells you that they potty trained their child before two years of age, slap them silly immediately. LOL. How can any parent potty train their child before 24 months? Do they have any other thing to do, like a job or a life. Both of my first two children took around 36 months. And in a nutshell, they decided when they were ready. I guess they got tired of pooping in their pants. So right away, I thought at 3 my child Danny would follow suite. Then at 3 1/2 I thought maybe he's a late bloomer. When 4 rolled on by, I was concerned.

A doctor at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh told me that the average child takes around 28 months to potty train. So, if your child is slightly older don't get worried. But after the age of 4, their maybe an under-lying condition. In our case we weren't trying the right things. A matter of fact, we weren't trying anything. We were just waiting for Daniel to get tired of sitting in his poop, like our first two kids. Guess what, this time around it didn't work.

The doctor at Children's asked us what we were doing. And of course "nothing", I said. But we were tired and frustrated. He suggested a reward system like stars on the frig. I thought, a reward system might be a good idea. My wife also thought it was worth a shot. But instead of stars we bought a gift, wrapped it up in a box, and placed it on a shelf. We said, "Daniel when you start going to the potty like a big boy, you will get the gift on the shelf." But we didn't want him to resort back to his old ways once he received the gift. So we told him that he would need to potty on a consistent basis.

I'm glad to say, it worked. Danny was potty trained within two weeks. He was 4 years 2 months old and potty trained. Most importantly, it was the first time in 10 years my wife or I did not change a diaper.

What I learned is what I already knew... every child is different, and never give up.

Here's a good resource for potty training tips... CLICK HERE

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