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What Do You Think?

Posted on 28 Jul 2008 by BNG Staff

I read an article released in January of this year. The article stated that ...naming a child is almost like naming a product .

Do you agree with this statement?

Don't be to creative with your child's name

Posted on 25 Jul 2007 by BNG Staff

Being unique is sometime confusing. If you are thinking of an alternative spelling for a name make sure that name exists. Your child will always have people spelling her or his name wrong if their name is not in the normal realm of thinking. It will also be impossible to buy any name-associated product for your child including toys, ornaments and jewelry. You would have to have it personalized, which may mean more money and time. Example: Variations of Gary can be spelled Garry, not Gari.

Boy Baby Names have a Biblical History

Posted on 24 Jul 2007 by BNG Staff

It seems that boys have been historically given Biblical baby names and there's no exception to this years top ten.  Eight of the first top 10 are biblical baby names, including the #1 baby name "Jacob". The top baby name in the 40's and 50's was James. After that for the next 34 years Michael was the top boy baby name, but in 1999 it was finally topped by Jacob. How long will Jacob last? Data was found on the Social Security Administration website.

Do you know the gender of your baby prior to your delivery?

Posted on 07 Aug 2007 by BNG Staff

The majority of parents would rather wait to know the gender of their child until after delivery.  That's right, 58% of the people surveyed by do not want to know the gender of their child prior to the BIG day. But there's more...

Are you happy with your own name?

Posted on 26 Jul 2007 by BNG Staff

We surveyed visitors to our site for 3 months from May 2006 to July 2006 and we asked those visitors nine questions. The first of those questions was... "Are you happy with your own name?" The overwhelming majority of the visitors said, YES.

86% of the people said, they are happy with the name they were given at birth.

14% did not like their name.

70% of those people who did not like their own name chose a unique name for their child. They did not choose a family name or carry-on a tradition.

The answers to our next question will be revealed in a couple days. Our next question will be... "Do you know the gender of your baby prior to your delivery?"  Some answers may surprise you.

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