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Top 10 bad boy names in the USA.

Posted on 13 Jun 2010 by BNG Staff

Boys growing up with popular names such as Michael, Joshua and Christopher have a good chance of leading law-abiding lives - but those named Kareem, Walter or Ivan could find themselves on the wrong side of the law. That's according to a United States study that claims the more unpopular, uncommon or feminine a boy's first name, the greater the chance he will end up behind bars. What's your theory behind why this is?

Click Here for the top 10 bad boy names.

Does your name shape your destiny?

Posted on 09 Jun 2010 by BNG Staff

We were sent this article from one of our visitors, and thought we would post it.

Wes Moore appeared in his hometown newspaper, The Baltimore Sun, 10 years ago because of his impressive academic achievements. Around the same time, he noticed a story in the paper about a jewelry store robbery in which a police officer and a father of five was killed.

He learned one of the convicted killers shared his name.

While Wes Moore the Rhodes Scholar would become a combat veteran in Afghanistan and a White House fellow, Wes Moore the convicted felon was sentenced to life in prison. Their correspondence through letters and prison visits led to the release of the book "The Other Wes Moore" this spring.

"The name was the first thing that drove me," said Moore, 31, on what inspired him to befriend the inmate.

Other people may have wondered who also lays claim to their name. Google a relatively common name such as "Steve Jones," and a biologist, musician and golfer appear. And Steve is not even among the Top 10 boys' names of the last century.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

Source: CNN

Portmanteau (Word Blending) Names

Posted on 20 May 2010 by BNG Staff

If you wanted to blend two words together, the result would be Portmanteau (port'măntō). A word coined by Lewis Carroll in 1882. Portmanteau is the process of combining two different words together with completely different meanings to form a new word with a new meaning. Portmanteau Baby Names are two names combined together to form another name. There are many names that people create that may be included in the Portmanteau repertoire. Chrisanna is a combination of Chris and Anna. Chris means “Follower of Christ or anointed” and Anna means “Grace”. Now, you could take Anna and combine it with Bella, which means “Beautiful”. Annabella is your result, and it means “Beautiful grace”. Do you get the pattern. Let's take another twist. Anna combined with Maria, which means “Bitter” gives you the result Annamaria. Guess what Annamaria means? That's right... “Bitter Grace”. We can just go on, and on, and on. Let's take Maria and combine it with Rose “Flower”. The result is Rosemaria, which means “Bitter Flower”. CLICK HERE for more of the article.

MAY... The Month and the Name!

Posted on 30 Apr 2010 by BNG Staff

MAY is the 5th month of the year, and it is also the birth month of a lot of children. The saying is, "April showers bring MAY Flowers... and Babies." OK, so I added the last part. But who do you know that was born in May. Here are a few famous people you MAY know. (Tim McGraw, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Bing Crosby, George Clooney, Billy Joel, Megan Fox, Brooke Shields, Cate Blanchett and Tina Fey) just to name a few. I don't believe that MAY is a popular month for birthdays, but it should be. This is the month that we celebrate our Mommies. Mother's Day for 2010 falls on the 9th of MAY. Now let's talk a little about the name MAY. CLICK HERE

London is the Baby Name of the Week

Posted on 10 Apr 2010 by BNG Staff

London has an Old English origin. London is the baby name of the week from Baby Name Guide Lodon means Fortress and can be used for a girl or boy.

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