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Posted on 28 Apr 2008 by BNG Staff

Recent research says people with certain names may very well be richer than the rest of us. Barclays compiled a list of the first names of these rich folks. And the #1 name for men was David, while Susan topped the list for women. "If you want your newborn to keep you in the manner to which you have become accustomed in your old age you should consider the latest list of high earners' names.


Posted on 19 Apr 2008 by BNG Staff

Our site is now better than ever with faster downloads, a cleaner design, better navigation and more user-friendly features.

Faster Downloads:
Enjoy faster downloads from our new server, which is driven by Fiber Optics. Our web site is now three times faster.

Cleaner Design:
We've improved the design by making it compatible with the standard 1024x768 resolution. We optimized every page to load faster and tested our site on different browsers that include, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Safari.

Better Navigation:
Baby Name Guide has better navigation with all searches available from any page.

User-Friendly Features:
Now you can access the categories from our category menu area located in the upper-left of every page. Reach all your favorite search tools with usually just one click.


Try Our Favorites List Feature

Posted on 30 May 2008 by BNG Staff

With our "Favorites List" you can list the First, Middle and Surname of baby to be. This way you can view the entire name as it's meant to be seen.  In a separate column you can view the initials for your baby's entire name, so that way you can be sure the initials don't spell anything undesirable. You can edit, delete and add new baby names at anytime, plus with our print only feature you can output your list and save on valuable printer ink.

You can email your favorite baby names to loved ones so they can vote on their favorite names, which can help narrow your search for the perfect baby name for your new child... and unlike the voting feature on other websites that allow strangers to determine the popularity of your baby name choices, our voting feature is focused on you, your family and friends.

We use a technology that stores your "Favorites List" on our server, and with daily backups and constant monitoring you will always have access to your "Favorites List" from any computer and as long as you want. Create a list and keep it for all your pregnancies.

Click Here to start your list today!

What were the bottom 10 Baby Names for 2007?

Posted on 24 May 2008 by BNG Staff

According to the Social Security Administration the bottom 10 boy and girl baby names for 2007 are...

 Talen  Leticia
 Blaise  Sheila
 Brenton  Susana 
 Eliezer  Kylah
 Isaak  Sky
 Tyshawn  Antonia
 Dandre  Bree
 Daxton  Marlen
 Leroy  Olive
 Trystan  Zaniya


Top 100 Baby Names of 2007

Posted on 11 May 2008 by BNG Staff

Just release on May 10, 2008.

Baby Name Guide is the first baby names Web site to offer the top 100 baby names of 2007.  We work around the clock to get the list to you first.  Don't get fooled by other's made up lists. This is the offical baby name list from the Social Security Administration.

Any questions, just email us or leave a comment for our blog.

Click Here for the list.

Have fun searching!

Get the right name and open doors for your child

Posted on 08 May 2008 by BNG Staff

LONDON (Reuters) - British parents spend 30 million hours a year picking the names of their newborn children, a survey showed on Thursday. 
And choosing the right name can be crucial -- if you want your child to get on in life. Click Here for the full story.

Story from

New "Top 100 Favorite Baby Names" from Baby Name Guide

Posted on 01 Jul 2008 by BNG Staff

COMING SOON!!! Baby Name Guide's top 100 baby names according to our visitor's favorites lists. These are the baby names that our visitors (like you) save in their favorites lists. We have gathered over 20,000 plus favorites lists, and we will display the top 100 baby names from those lists.  This list will be updated "LIVE", which means the list will always be changing and you decide which names are popular and which names are not. Keep your eyes open for this new addition coming soon.

NEW Morph Search breaks ground when choosing a baby name

Posted on 26 Jun 2008 by BNG Staff

Baby Name Guide introduces this ground breaking search "Morph Search".  This search combines the letters from both parent's names then searches for baby names using only those letters. Example: Jacob and Emily would show girl results like Alicia, Bailey and Jamie along with dozens of other baby names. This is a great way to make your search personal. CLICK HERE

Click Here for entire Press Release.

Baby Names that should be in a Comic Book

Posted on 07 Jun 2008 by BNG Staff

We're searching for names you would never choose for your child. Or maybe a baby name you heard that made you say... "what were you thinking". If you have any baby names that you consider perfect for a Comic Book, let us know.  Leave a comment or email us direct.

Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins

Posted on 03 Jun 2008 by BNG Staff

"Entertainment Tonight" is reporting that Angelina Jolie has already given birth to her twins and has given them the names: Isla (pronounced eye-la) Marcheline (after Angie's mom) and Amelie Jane (after Brad's mom). That would be kids #5 and #6 if you're keeping score at home.

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