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Choosing Your Child's Name

Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by BNG Staff

Don't feel that you have to stick with family tradition when choosing the right baby name. If you really like a certain baby name, use it. Your baby will only have one first name, so don’t settle for just any baby name. Our kid’s names were our decision, my wife and I alone. We could have decided to carry over my first name for one of our boys and it did cross my mind, but we decided not to. We wanted a name that each of my boys could call their own. No one else in the family has either of these names, Alexander and Daniel. These are very traditional names. Nothing fancy with these first names. We got a little more creative with the middle names. Alexander’s middle name is Max, and Daniel’s middle name is Garret (Alexander Max and Daniel Garret).

My daughter’s first name was no different. My wife and I liked two names for girls. One was Lauren, and the other was the name we chose, which is Brooke. We chose Brooke because we knew we were going to use my wife’s middle name for our daughter. So we carried over Lyn as my daughter’s middle name (Brooke Lyn). That name seemed to fit perfectly.

This brings me to the reason for this article. I have a list of ideas that might help you when choosing a baby name. By no means is this considered a template to go by, they’re just tips that might help you decide. CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

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Back-to-School, A Time to Celebrate

Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by BNG Staff

Summer in our family is a time for mini vacations. This year we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo, Lake Erie and Idlewild Park. Idlewild is a great amusement park for kids. During our trip to Idlewild Park, we stayed at the Hidden Valley Resort. Hidden Valley is a ski resort in Pennsylvania. We had such a great time there. Idlewild Park introduced our youngest to amazement rides and he loved them. Daniel who is four had no reservations about going on any of the rides. Our middle child Alex had a much harder time with the rides, but after some time he was fine. Brooke, who is our oldest loves the rides. But most of all, she loves swimming and Idlewild has Soakzone, which is a sweet water park.

We also visited the Pittsburgh Zoo. What wonderful weather we had during our time at the zoo. The kids enjoyed seeing all the different animals, and we had our picture taken with an elephant. It's nice to see all the little baby animals at the zoo, too. We saw baby penguins, baby elephants and baby giraffes. We also seen some of the world's most dangerous animals, like a Tiger shark, Polar bear and many poisonous snakes. Alex had the chance to revisit the zoo on another occasion. On his second trip he got to feed a Black bear and he touched a penguin.

CLICK HERE for the rest if the story.

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The Lazy Men of Summer

Posted on 08 Jul 2010 by BNG Staff

First of all, let me start by saying... "sometimes I have nothing better to do with my time." My story goes back a couple years. Two years ago while I was driving down the road I noticed an elderly woman mowing her yard. I didn't think much of it at the time. But I really felt sorry for the lady, because she looked exhausted and she was old. Over the past couple years, for some odd reason I've seen more women mowing yards than men. This year though, I decided to keep count. I told you I have nothing better to do with my time. Actually, my wife and I drive our kids around to a lot of activities during the summer, and I have to pass the time somehow. That's when it hit me! Men do mow lawns, but with riding lawn mowers. The woman are the ones with the push lawn mowers. Click Here for the full story.

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