Top 10 names for dogs and cats @ 27 January 2009 04:25 AM

For the sixth consecutive year, Max is the most popular name for both dogs and cats. That's according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, which insured some 466,000 clients. Only 13 dogs in VPI's database went by Fido in 2008, placing the name at number 2,866. Rover wasn't far behind at number 2,534. Lassie was number 1,572), Pluto was number 1,009), Spot was number 659) and Fluffy was number 338.

The top 10 names for dogs:

The top 10 cat names:

Speaking of pets, a national survey reveals most pet owners believe they can understand the "woofs" and "meows" of their pets. At least 62% of dog and cat lovers insist their fury friends can understand what they're saying, according to an Associated Press poll. While it may be as elementary as a dog barking "I need to take a walk" or a cat purring "give me more chow," the bulk of pet owners say the dialogue isn't just a guessing game.

Source: Veterinary Pet Insurance

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