Seeking Help with Naming Your Baby? @ 13 August 2009 05:16 AM

I've read many articles about the topic, "should you ask others about your baby name choices?" Many people say, no. I'm not convinced that seeking help is all that bad. It's true that you should have the final say, but asking opinions could shed light on things you may not have thought of. This could be the spelling of the baby's name, the pronunciation, or even family history. One thing is definite, it doesn't hurt.

You should ask people whose opinions you respect. Usually this is family members and/or close friends. Baby Name Guide gives you the opportunity to send your favorites list to people you know, and only the people you wish to get opinions from.

Finally, there is no reason for you to hurry. I recommend you start early, buy some baby name books, surf some good baby name sites and start a favorites list that you can use for your entire pregnancy, like the one here at Have fun!

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