Twilight or Twilight Zone? Baby Names Making an Impact. @ 10 February 2010 06:59 AM

I've heard that some of the names from the movie Twilight have become very popular choices for newborns. At first I thought people were in the Twilight Zone. So, I sat down and watched the movie, and saw why it was a huge success. It was a very good movie. One thing that I paid more attention to during the movie were the character's names. The names were very creative. Here's a few names from Twilight that you may like.

There are more names from the movie, but most of the others are normal everyday names. The ones here are the unusual names from the movie.

Bella - Female, meaning Beautiful, origin Latin
Esme - Female, meaning Emerald, origin French
Rosalie - Female
Jasper - Male, meaning Treasurer, origin French
Cora - Female, meaning Maiden, origin Greek
Laurent - Male, meaning Crowned with laurels, origin French
Aro - Male
Caius - Male
Marcus - Male, meaning Warlike, origin Latin
Felix - Male, meaning Fortunate or happy, origin Latin
Demetri - Male, meaning Of the earth, origin Greek

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