"Mother May I" Choose Your Baby's Name @ 7 May 2010 07:53 AM

I was thinking about the names that my wife and I chose for our three kids. And the more I thought of them, I realized that my wife and I never picked our last child's name. It was our oldest child who pushed for the name Daniel. I remember we came up with a list of about a half dozen names that we liked, but we couldn't decide which name was going to be THE name. My wife really liked David, and David is a great name. But... I actually was pushing towards a less popular name, Liam. I wanted something more original. So, my wife liked David and I like Liam. The name Daniel was in our list, too. We really never talked to much about the name Daniel until one day when Brooke our oldest child said, “I really like the name Daniel.” Joane, my wife and I never disliked the name Daniel, and that's why it was part of our narrowed list. I actually had two very good friends growing up that were named Daniel. Plus, no one in the family had a kid named Daniel. And that's one thing we always made sure of when we chose a name, “make sure no one in the family shares that name.” The more we thought of it, the more we liked the name Daniel. And of course Brooke kept on trying to convince us that this was the name. In the end, we caved in... OK, we liked the name Daniel, too.

I also remember that my sister was thinking about choosing a different name for her last child. She has six kids in all. Her first five kids are named James, Jon, Jennifer, Jeremy and Jessy. My sister (Jacque) and her husband (Jim)... Let's Stop! OK, I'm sure you see the pattern of all J's. Jacque and Jim were thinking of choosing a baby name for their sixth child that didn't start with a “J”. I don't know how serious they were. All I know is that everyone else was concerned and bewildered that they were even thinking of choosing a name that didn't start with a “J”. In the end they ended up picking the name Jordan. Thank goodness. I wonder if anyone in the family influenced their decision.

Does anyone in your family influence your decision? Does a daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, or even mother-in-law have any input to your decision making? Who's opinion do you respect? I'm sure there are many people that choose names and keep the child's name to themselves until the baby is born. But are you one of those people? Chances are... you're not. Most of us want opinions and will go through many names before choosing our child's final name. So ask yourself, who's really choosing your child's name?

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