The Truth about the Name "Isabella" @ 9 May 2010 08:02 PM

Many websites claim that the name Isabella rose to the top of the most popular names for 2009 because of the movie Twilight. This is just not true. The name Isabella has been popular for about 10 years. Well before the movie. It's been on a upward climb ever since. Also, the character in the movie "Twilight" was named Bella, not Isabella, and the Social Security Administration takes each individual name into consideration, not different forms of names.

Bella (played by Kristen Stewart), which is the character in the movie "Twilight"... is in the top 100, but it's number 58. Now, that is a very good showing for a name that was introduced into top 100. But, sometimes we're eager to give Hollywood the credit for changing trends, when we change them ourselves. Maybe the name Isabella rose because of America's trends, not vice-versa.

Bella means "Beautiful" and Isabella means "Consecrated to God". Bella's origin is Latin and Isabella's origin is Italian. These two names have nothing in common with each other. The fact is they are only similar in spelling.

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