Baby Names for the Summer Time Heat @ 22 June 2010 10:00 PM

Ah, Summer, It's finally here! Heat, humidity and the late afternoon pop-up shower that always interferes with the kids activities. You guessed it. I'm not a big fan of summer, Autumn is more my thing, but I have to admit that after the brutal winter that the northeast had, it's definitely welcome. There are a few things that I like, mostly the smell of suntan lotion. Every time I get a whiff of it, I am automatically thinking ocean, sand, and waves. My family is of Irish decent, so we are fair completed, red hair and freckles. I don't get a tan, I just burn, BAD!!! Definitely no beach vacations for this family.

This is unfortunate, because I've come to realize that in writing this article that I LOVE, (yes in Capital letters) the smells of summer and the beach. The salty sea air, coconut and seaweed. It's that dog gone Sun that's the issue. He has no mercy on people like me.

All cultures have created names either to describe, give honor to or reverence for this glowing ball of gas that hovers 93 million miles above our heads. I like the name Helios. In mythology he is the Greek sun god, or how about Horus, he is the Egyptian sun god. Did you know that Samson of Samson and Delilah fame means bright sun? Marisol is a beautiful girls name meaning sunny sea, or how about Solana this is a Spanish name meaning sunshine.

For a list of names that have something to do with the sun, type sun in the search and press go.

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