Daisy! Not just a summer time flower. @ 26 June 2010 05:56 PM

I was in my garden clearing out the weeds and noticed how my daisies keep coming back year after year without any effort from me. Daisies are an annual flower, but will reseed on their own ensuring many years of sunshine that is planted in your very own yard. I think daisies are the most cheerful flower, and nothing screams summer like a bunch of fresh picked Daisies. You can't help feeling a smile starting to creep onto your face and feeling just a little happier when you see a bouquet.

Daisy is an Old English name that means Eye of the Day. I was examining a flower, and I couldn't help but think that the center looks like the sun. Also, the pedals look like rays of sunshine. Even though a daisy is a common and simple flower, I was struck by its beauty. This flower can definitely hold its own against a rose any day. I've become a fan of this little flower, and I've noticed that it is a favorite of my 4 year old. Out of all the flowers in my garden, this is the one that he always picks and gives to me with a big hug and I love you.

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