Back-to-School, A Time to Celebrate @ 8 September 2010 01:24 AM

Summer in our family is a time for mini vacations. This year we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo, Lake Erie and Idlewild Park. Idlewild is a great amusement park for kids. During our trip to Idlewild Park, we stayed at the Hidden Valley Resort. Hidden Valley is a ski resort in Pennsylvania. We had such a great time there. Idlewild Park introduced our youngest to amazement rides and he loved them. Daniel who is four had no reservations about going on any of the rides. Our middle child Alex had a much harder time with the rides, but after some time he was fine. Brooke, who is our oldest loves the rides. But most of all, she loves swimming and Idlewild has Soakzone, which is a sweet water park.

We also visited the Pittsburgh Zoo. What wonderful weather we had during our time at the zoo. The kids enjoyed seeing all the different animals, and we had our picture taken with an elephant. It's nice to see all the little baby animals at the zoo, too. We saw baby penguins, baby elephants and baby giraffes. We also seen some of the world's most dangerous animals, like a Tiger shark, Polar bear and many poisonous snakes. Alex had the chance to revisit the zoo on another occasion. On his second trip he got to feed a Black bear and he touched a penguin.

This summer we went to Lake Erie, too. There is a very beautiful area there called Presque Isle. The beaches are some of the cleanest I've ever seen. Sandy shores, shallow waters, life guards and concession stands are among many things for my family of five. And make this spot a perfect family-friendly destination. If you like the beach, and live within driving distance from Erie, I recommend Presque Isle at Lake Erie. Our family is not a beach family either. Not because we don't like the beach, but my family (excluding myself) all have red hair and fair complected skin. My kids take after my wife of course. And my wife has gorgeous red hair. So if your family has the same issue and decide to go to the beach in the future, make sure you take plenty of sunscreen.

After all these great memories this summer, it's still a relief to see the start of the school year. Having the kids in the house all day for three months is enough. My wife and I look forward to the start of school. It's much more peaceful having only Daniel in the house. Daniel is pleasant and doesn't have Alex around, who sometimes picks on him. Brooke is in seventh grade this year and has the biggest change. She's going from 30 kids in her classroom in sixth grade to about 750 kids in seventh.

Summer is a great time for family fun. But back-to-school is great, too. This is a special time for my wife and I. A time for talking, daytime dates and getting work done. Of course we still have Daniel, but next year he'll be in Kindergarten. And that's when the real fun begins. All I have to say, “Back-to-School... Ya! Hoooooo!”.

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