The 3 Hottest Toys this Christmas @ 13 December 2010 03:54 AM

It's that time of the year where websites list their top picks for toys. is no exception. We came up with the top three. This year is much harder to pick because there's no one toy that stands out. Last year it was Zhu Zhu Pets, which are toy hamsters. They are again very popular, but in our opinion not deserving of the top three. Another big item this year, which is worthy of mentioning is the DSi XL. This game system is fun with lots of options. Most importantly it has parental controls. If I had to mention one other toy, it would be an oldie, but goodie... the Toy Train. I've seen a lot of toy trains this year. And our youngest asked for one. It seems to me toy trains started to make a come back when “The Polar Express” came out a few years back. So, what are the top 3 picks for the 2010 season. I would bet on these three toys (Paper Jamz, Kinect for Xbox 360 and My Pillow Pets) as being the top choices.

[# 3] PAPER JAMZ from WowWee™

Paper Jamz are affordable and innovative play instruments that turn ordinary kids into instant rock stars. These creative toys blend technology and play into a wild experience with what they call circuit-embedded paper, allowing you to play like a pro by simply touching the surface of the paper. I actually picked one of these up at Walgreen's and they're amazing. It makes me wish I was a kid again. They have a real cool look, too. There are many varieties and styles for both the guitars and drums. Check these out.

[#2] KINECT for the Xbox® 360

I've heard the Kinect is the hottest electronic gadget this year. I made this decision based on word-of-mouth and of course our local GameStop, which can't keep them in-stock along with all the other retail stores. I'm sure you can get one online though. What makes the Xbox 360 Kinect different, it's a hands free way of controlling movies and games without a gadget or gizmo in your hand. You are the controller, which is cool. So, why did the Kinect rate #2, because of its price point. Starting at around $150 and $299 for the bundle, this product is not ready for a lot of family budgets.


Why is this product #1? Simply put, they're everywhere. I've seen Pillow Pets at Wal-mart, Target, Hallmark, Toys“R”Us and just about every other retail shop, including grocery stores. This is the hottest item in my opinion this year. All three of my kids want Pillow Pets, and with 20 varieties of animals available there's a pet for every kid. Children can have fun with their pet and also use it as a pillow. I was up at our local mall and they're being sold like hotcakes. Pillow Pets are affordable, and can be purchased for kids of all ages. These creative toys are the best choice this year and will make your child very happy.

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